Monday, March 19, 2012

I did it!

Yup - I'm back again!  And this time I am so excited!  Why, you ask?

Maybe I solved the behavior problems in my classroom, magically and perfectly?  No!
Maybe I know my students aced the TEST and I celebrated with them...Nope again!
Maybe I won the lottery?  I wish!

Actually...I set up my own store on!  WOO HOO!

Now, it isn't pretty yet, it isn't final, and I have so many more ideas to post and share...but I did it!  And really, when we are as stressed as we are, it is important to celebrate the small victories in life!

So, what will you find in my store?

Well I posted a great Book Clubs packet I created that guides my students (and me) through the process.  There is a place in there to store your thinking for each meeting, to record your thoughts after the meetings and to reflect on what you did well and what you need to work on.  There are also places for reader response questions...ALL IN ONE PLACE!  This way, it is hard for anyone (teacher or student)  to lose their work.  (Not that I ever lose anything!)  :)

What else is there you might ask?  Well I posted a SMARTboard lesson I use to guide students through the process of writing reader response letters.  It is all encompassing and really breaks down and models the process for students.  There is an exemplar response, a rubric, an outline and a suggestion sheet for response topics.

Best of All...THEY ARE FREE!  
Yup, that's right...FREE!   
(No, I am not crazy...I am just not ready to charge anyone for my stuff...not till I get some feedback and see how ya'll like it) a pal and head over to my store and tell me how it is!  I really need some feedback, since I am just flying by the seat of my pants with this whole thing!  

In other class is slowly coming back together as a team.  The weather was so beautiful today that we went outside and did some team building activities.  It was a great afternoon!  My student teacher starts full take-over in two weeks and then I will have tons of time to figure out this blogging thing, my store in general!  (AS IF!)  

Until then...I appreciate all the support!

Happy Reading,


PS - I re-read Huger Games this weekend and am going to see the movie Friday night with a bunch of teachers from school!  WOO HOO!  I also started reading Wonder and am so absorbed in it!  Finally this weekend I finished Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and am once again frustrated that I will have to wait a year for the sequel!  GRRR...  That was my week in reading!

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