Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am so excited!  I think I may have figured this out!  WOO HOO!  This week I read some really great books and am starting some new ones too.

Last night I finished Torment by Lauren Kate, the second book in the Fallen series.  I finished Fallen on Saturday - so it must have been a great book if I finished book 2 in a day!  I reminded me quite a bit of Twilight in theme and character.  Luce has some strong similarities to Bella and I am looking forward to suggesting this book to some of the Twi-hards in my class.

I also finished Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.  This was a huge book, written in free-verse poetry about three teenagers who had all attempted to commit suicide.  It was dark, raw and honest.  While I was totally enthralled, I won't be suggesting this to my sixth graders - too dark and scary.

Today I started reading two books for my historical fiction book clubs in class.  I am reading (and loving!) Soldier X by Don Wulffson.  This is about a soldier from Germany in WW2, who gets injured and hides himself as a Russian soldier behind enemy lines.  The author creates the most vivid pictures of the war, without being gory or gross.  In the first 50 pages I was enthralled, surprised and saddened.  I can't wait to discuss this book with my students - I know they will love it!

The second book I am leading in book clubs is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  This book is pretty well known - having been re-created into a Tony nominated musical and an Oscar nominated movie.  It is told from the point of view of the horse, Joey, as he travels through WW1.  There are so many characters who move through Joey's life.  So far I am really enjoying it - although I am not finding myself as captivated with Joey's voice as some of my former students were when they read it last year.


As an adult independent reader I am reading Robyn Carr's new book, Hidden Summit.  I love her romance novels - the perfect combination of romance, intrigue, kindness and humor.  I was so excited when my mom bought it and lent it to me!
In other news - we survived our first test this morning and no one cried, threw up or quit.  I guess that qualifies as a success.  All 50 of my students are participating in historical fiction book clubs - which is always an adventure.  In addition to the books mentioned above we are reading:

  • Yellow Star - Jennifer Roy (MY FAVORITE!!!)
  • A Boy at War - Harry Mazar
  • Code Talker - Joseph Bruchac 
  • Saving Zasha - Randi Barrow
  • Milkweed - Jerry Spinelli
  • Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo
  • Number the Stars - Louis Lowrey
  • The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 - Christopher Paul Curtis
Happy Reading!



  1. I JUST FINISHED TORMENT, TOO!!!!! I read Fallen recently and then went and got Torment on audio to listen to last week. I grabbed Passion when I was at the library over the weekend! There is a short story companion, too. I really like how Luce changed in Torment, she is a much stronger female protagonist and I like it. I can't wait for Passion. :)

    1. I saw the short story book on Amaon and was really tempted...but I am trying to tackle mt Too Be Read pile first. I agree, I was so happy to see Luce develop some gumption in Torment...she needed it!

  2. Number the Stars and The Watsons Go to Birmingham are two of my favorite historical fiction "classics". Hope your students enjoy them, too!

    1. They tend to both be well loved...I love Watsons because the sense of humor can usually grab even my most reluctant reader. It is amazing to see where Christopher Paul Curtis has gone since this book. I can't wait to read his new one...have you read it yet?